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Advertise your business through a selection of our 10 exclusive Facebook groups. Build a strong reputation in the communities you choose. Give back without even lifting a finger, knowing that 10% of your advertising fees go to a worthwhile charity.

About The Suburbs Directory

The Suburbs Directory was created as a buffer for businesses to effectively utilise specific social media platforms for the purpose of promoting their products and services to various communities around the Western Cape.

By being responsible for the running of each of our ten Facebook community groups we have been able to effectively manage and provide a reputable platform for businesses to market themselves to the public.

We have kept each group area specific by requiring a set of questions to be answered before approval. Our dedicated team of admins approve and delete each and every post, thus being able to keep content relevant and engaging to all our members.

The Suburbs Directory are a local, Cape Town based business who are dedicated to seeing our community uplifted and thriving. In order to be a proactive participant, we have chosen to focus on supporting one charity per year. 10% of the advertising fees made are given to the chosen charity at the end of each year. Read more about this year’s recipient here.

The Suburbs Directory currently consists of ten Facebook groups, 7 “base” groups and 3 optional “add-on” groups. Advertising on our base groups happens on Mondays or Mondays and Thursdays, depending on the package you select. On our optional add-on groups (please note that you need to subscribe to at least one base group before you can subscribe to an add-on group), advertising happens on Tuesdays. We also offer Admin Assist at an additional cost per group.

Our 7 “base” groups

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Our 3 “add-on” groups