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Don’t let your lack of online presence destroy your real-life opportunities. Read on to understand a bit more about our main offering and our additional services.

The Suburbs Directory

The Suburbs Directory is an online business directory that businesses pay to join and have a profile listed on our website as well as advertise their products/services on our Facebook Groups.

What we offer clients is a very specific type of marketing strategy, which we refer to as visual consistency. It is a form of repetitive marketing that generally will not bring you direct “leads” or “sales” from each and every post you put up but rather offer clients a visual consistency of your brand, product or service. Your brand will be legitimised when a client investigates you through your website, Facebook page, other people in the community or occasionally direct communication on your specific post.

The most important thing to remember about visual consistency marketing is that just because you are not getting direct likes, shares or comments, it does not mean that it is not working. Instead of feeling despondent, take note of how email enquiries, your number of Facebook page members or even direct website enquiries have grown; all of these interactions stem directly from your online presence.

To improve the visual consistency of your brand, sign up for one of our packages today.

Berg Digital Marketing

Berg Digital Marketing offers a variety of online marketing services including social media management, content creation, product photography, service photography and business photography. Contact us today for a comprehensive list of all our available packages.


Like & Share Marketing

Like & Share Marketing is a full online exposure management company, which means that we will set up and manage all your online business pages for you as well as share your business online to achieve brand and business exposure. Our aim is to build your following and ultimately convert any leads into business.

We offer various packages and would be happy to customise one to your specifications.



NeoGek Web and Graphic Design

At NeoGek Web and Graphic Design, we focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Whether transforming an existing website or crafting the brand identity of a fledgling business, we exert every effort to impress our clients. We strive for long-term relationships because repeat business means client satisfaction. Some of our clients have been with us for over a decade, which reflects the high quality of our graphic and web design services.