Our Charity

 We believe in giving back, which is why every year we choose a specific charity and donate 10% of our advertising fees to them. Read more about this year’s recipient below.

Miracle Kidz is a safe house for abandoned and abused babies and toddlers. Our safe house is not an orphanage – the children do have biological parents, and they do not stay for an unlimited period of time. We care for them for the maximum time the law allows for a child to be in safety care before he or she needs to be re-united with his or her respective families or be placed in foster care. We care for mainly babies and toddlers but have had emergency placements of older children. We do not only see to it that they are fed, clothed and educated but also provide a loving temporary home to them, tending to their illnesses, broken hearts and spirits. We believe each one of the kids is indeed a “Miracle Kid”, for they are survivors of abuse, abandonment and neglect.